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September 2019
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Call to Action

Become a C.O.R.E. Community Committee Member

Residents of Polytechnic Heights and Stop Six are encouraged to become the voice of the community.  We can't grow without your input, supportive or opposition we want to hear you.

Sponsor a Planter Box

A  $500 monthly gift that will change the lives of all hands involved in growing a box.  Each week of harvest, produce will be shared between families and students within our community in exchange of your donation.

Become a Partner

Advise, share, talk and make decisions in an effort to support our initiatives.  Partners meet with us on a regular basis to check in on how were are doing and offers to help where they can.

Become a Sponsor

Sponsors do more than partner with us, they also help to fund us.  With their assistance we can tap into their resources to meet or most immediate needs.

Become a Donor

We know time is money and sometimes, you can not afford to be a partner or sponsor.  Financial funds are always needed and welcomed.  If you'd just like to give without committing time this if for you.

Please use the  PayPal link for your one time donation

  • Golden Garden - $10,000
  • Silver - $5000
  • Bronze - $1000
  • Seedling - $500 
  • Yellow Brick Road - $250 level


Become a Volunteer

We know that money is not always available to give, but there is something that is just as valuable. YOU!.  Your time is money and if you could give us 8 hours a month. You will be able to partake in the CSA program, no charge.

The funny thing is, your support grows us UP.

Become a Mentor

Youth are our future, if we teach them well they will lead the way.  When someone is too close they often can't pass on wisdom because the mentee can't see the forest for the trees, but if someone is a mentee to someone not as close they more often than not absorb wisdom like a sponge.  Are you a mentor....

Join Enactus

Available to Texas Wesleyan Students only, join enactus and change the world.

Sign-UP for CSA Memberships

In exchange for a nominal monthly fee, you can take home a weekly basket (as harvest permits).

UPcoming Events Signup

To sign up for Upcoming events choice your event





Enactus Presentation Team Audition Registration

Love to talk, play to the crowd, not afraid to speak in front on thousands, then join the Enactus presentation team.  The Enactus Presentation teams practices public speaking on a regular bases.  To date we have given five formal presentation.  If speaking is not your thing, then join the production team, camera, lights, mics you're on the air.  

Join the PolyWes Staff of core volunteers

Staff volunteers are basically full-time commitments.  As we obtain more volunteers to reduce the workload, so should the commitment reduce.  We currently have 3 full-time staffers and are looking for 5 to seven more.  Accounting, grant writing skills are a plus.