If you can't find a job, sell apples on the corner.

Problem Statement

The average household income of the residences living within a mile radius of Texas Wesleyan University is $25,000 for a family.


We need to find creative ways to supplement family incomes and two, to provide a sustainable future as opposed to a temporary fix.

Call To Action

There are three things we can do.  The first is to teach life skills such a Microsoft. The Second is to offer jobs to our residences before hiring outside the community. The third is to supplement income with planters boxes and teaching gardening skills in order to grow vegetables to sell.

Economic Impact

Called  “entrepreneurial gardens” ,due to the economic development opportunities they offered. A small plot of land can yield large amounts of produce, equating to significant monetary value and savings . An investment of $5 to $10 in plants for a garden plot provides for a profit of $500 to $700 worth of fruits and vegetables. Other than helping supplement individual and family income, another way participants reaped the economic benefits of participation was through selling the produce to markets or restaurants .


Social Impact

Talk, share, and make decisions in open channels across the community  by educating each other.  

Sprouting Hope with entrepreneurship seedlings of ideas cultivated through University and Corporate Mentorship

A Study by Habib and Doherty showed that 68% per students shared what they learned with family and friends.

Environmental Impact

Composting, Composting, and Composting.  The biggest environmental impact is composting.  Composting will come from 13 acres, grass cuttings from the campuses and waste from the school cafeterias mixed with animal waste.