Food Desert

Low access to fresh produce

The funny thing is, it actually works.

Phase One

Located at Polytechnic High School are 12 garden beds.  The planting has began and we wait for the sprouts to show.  We planted pumpkins and expect to have a pumpkin patch.

Phase Two

Located at 2900 Avenue C will be an urban farm starting with 10 garden beds and condition gin the ground for in ground spring planting.

Phase Three

Talk, share, and make decisions with Texas Wesleyan about relocating to 5 acres for urban gardening.

Mobile Farmers Market Trolley

Yes, we said trolley.  The PolyWes Trolley Bus to deliver fresh fruits and vegetables to designated areas with food deserts.

Entrepreneur Carts

In talks, are our plans to delivery fresh fruits and vegetables via push carts.  This door to door type of delivery brings back the urban village vibe.


Friends of Cobb park initiative combined with PolyWes initiates will put a huge dent in eliminated fresh fruits and vegetables deficiencies with our community.  Within this group's networks are 20 acres of fertile farmland just waiting to be utilized.  

Plans include a roping stadium, a rodeo ring, feedlots, botanical gardens, vegetable gardens, aquaponics, fisheries and ponds, classes and learning facilities, stables, and more.  


The funny thing is, it actually works.

Phase One Impacts

As Texas Weslesyan Alums, we are humbled by outpouring our our community volunteers.  More than 70 people from Texas Wesleyan, Poly High School, James Jr. High, and through out the Rosedale Coordior has contributed to the start of these gardens and the gardens to come. 

Phase Two Impacts

Mobile delivery and distribution within our community.  

Phase Three Impacts

Spark economic growth to bring others within our community to have a buy-in and develop our community with our combined means.