Current Housing Stock

Instead of this we can improve the housing stock

Over 300 vacant infill and abandoned homes.

Problem Statement

Housing data and windshield observation of Fort Worth's east side indicated that a large number of minor to major repairs. There hundreds of vacant infill lots, abandon homes on every street.  Dilapidated homes make up the remainder of the poor housing stock.   


A strong demand for new housing.  Single family dwelling as well as multi-family dwellings can be generated on vacant lots in the mean time.

In the meantime, those vacant lots could be utilized as community gardens and urban farms.


Students are taking steps to obtain vacant lots from the city to be used as community gardens and urban farms until the city has disposed of the property or is ready to make permanent improvement.


Implementing self-help initiatives like those of Habitat for Humanity, aimed at recruiting greater involvement from volunteers, community organizations, Fort Worth businesses as a means of supplementing available resources for housing repair and neighborhood clean-ups.



Litter and bulk trash is noted in various locations of Fort Worth's Eastside.  Cleaning up neighborhoods, picking up trash, paint jobs and minor repairs to homes can restore the community's basic attributes.  

Trash to Treasure will be used to convert trash into crafty works of art and planter boxes.


The American Community Gardening association attributes community charges to an increase in home prices for residences near the garden, a reduction in violent and non-violent crime in the neighborhood, and an overall increase in the feeling of safety.

Fort Worth Urban Villages

Fort Worth Urban Villages are small geographic areas (usually one square mile) zoned for dense, multiple-use development that is mass-transit and pedestrian friendly.


Parks, business, entertainment, homes, and stores – all within walking distance of each other in an area with a consistent look and feel that emphasizes the culture and heritage of those who call it home. A city within a city.


The City of Fort Worth is working with developers, business groups and neighborhood associations to revitalize older commercial districts using capital improvements, mixed-use zoning and economic incentives to help urban village throughout the Central City.