The funny thing is, it's not working.

Problem Statement

After being in the community 125 years a disconnection between the community and university currently exist.


In order to bridge the disconnection, we need to communicate and build a sustainable relationship. 

Call to Action

We have formed C.O.R.E., the community on residential engagement, to beginning the process of bridging this social disconnection. 

Economic Impact

Can there be a economic measurement for social connections?  Only time will tell us that.  What we can say is that the economic impact of getting involved with the community is measurable.  

Considering what it would have cost the city to collect the trash in labor, supplies and services would have exceeded the $90,000 spent to support the volunteers.

Social Impact

More than 80 volunteers from Texas Wesleyan University participated at the 2016  Cowtown Clean-Up compared to last year number of 15 volunteers.  

In fact, Texas Wesleyan University took prize for have the most adults ages 19 and over.

We expectected to have a huge turnout for the Fall Litter Stomp sponsored by Keep Fort Worth Beautiful.  Three alumni participated in the Litter Stomp.

Environmental Impact

By combining our efforts with the Boys and Girls who have over 150 members, with the 200 volunteer members from Polytechnic Heights, we had over 600 volunteers.  Our largest turn out ever.  The Cities collectives efforts totaled

  • 5, 520 bags of litter
  • 740 bags of recyclables
  • Approximately 6,700 volunteers participated